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        SWP1000BK-15, 1200BK-15-type        SWP800BD-6, 1000BD-6-type     SWP500BD-6, 650BD-6-type         
        rubber crusher                                           rubber crusher                                 rubber crusher

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CCIC Requirements

         SWP300AC-3, 400AC-3-type            SWP650BT-6, 800BT-6-type             SWP650BT-6, 800BT-6-type
         rubber crusher                                      rubber crusher                                      rubber crusher

         SWP400F-1, 500F-1-type                  SWP500BF-3 pipe, sheet mill            SWP500AS-6, 650AS-6,
         rubber crusher                                                                                                    800AS-6-type films, woven mill
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